Fall 2017 Global Issues Colloquium

Fall 2017 Global Issues Colloquium

Thursday, August 31, 7pm
Baldwin Hall Little Theater (BH 102)
Kate Riestenberg, Ofstad Endowed Chair, English & Linguistics, Truman State University
Title: Endangered language documentation and revitalization
Co-Sponsor: English & Linguistics

Thursday, September 21, 7pm
Baldwin Hall Little Theater (BH 102)
Jean Allman, J.H. Hexter Professor in the Humanities, Department of History, Director, Center for the Humanities, Washington University
Title: A Post-Mortem of the African Revolution
Co-Sponsor: History Early-Vreeland Lecture Series

Abstract: If the Global Sixties were marked by the spirit of freedom and the politics of revolt, from Paris to Berkeley, from Mexico City to Prague, where does the Africa fit into the chronology? The continent certainly launched this momentous decade, with seventeen countries winning their independence in 1960 alone. This was the “Year of Africa,” the beginning of the African Revolution. Or so it was thought. By 1968, fourteen military coups had swept independent African governments from office and the nation-state project appeared a dismal failure. What perished in those critical years and how? What, if anything, should we mourn?

Tuesday, October 17, 7pm
Baldwin Hall Little Theater (BH 102)
Carol Rojas, Feminist Antimilitarist Network
Title: The Feminist Resistance in Colombia
Co-Sponsor: Multicultural Affairs Center (MAC)

Abstract: Carol Rojas will speak on popular education and intersectional organizing in a dynamic of escalating violence in post-accords Colombia. Rojas is an organizer with the Feminist Antimilitarist Network, a grassroots organization in Colombia, recognized for its popular education model that supports demilitarization and eradication of systems of oppression based on sex, class and race.

Thursday, November 30, 7pm
Baldwin Hall Little Theater (BH 102)
Hena Ahmad, Professor of English, Truman State University
Title: The Beloved Witness: Agha Shahid Ali and Kashmir